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African Women Sitting on the Road

Africa, Cameroon, Bandjoun, Home

Intro Into the Concept of Africa

Where is home? A question at the center of my life. Looking for Home is a recurring question at the center of my work!

My films as journeys.

Journeys from Yaoundé to Bandjoun, Homage (1985), Bikutsi Water Blues (1988), Chief! (1999), A Trip to the Country (2000). Journeys from Europe (Paris, Berlin, Cologne) to Africa (Douala, Yaoundé, Ouagadougou, Cape town, Windhoek…) Clandestine (1996), The Colonial Misunderstanding (2005), Sacred Places (2009), Leaf in the wind (2013), Veiled (work in progress) and Kill Love (work in progress) Journeys from the US (LA, Gainesville NY) to Africa (Accra, Akwamufie) exploring the idea of the return to the one’s birthplace

Chosen (work in progress). Journeys in time to build memories that help decipher the present. Journeys to understand the world we live in.

Jean-Marie Teno